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Ensure that you or a loved one can talk on the phone comfortably with this amplified corded phone with Digital Clarity Power technology.... More »

This telephone features Clarity Power technology and amplifies incoming sound up to 37dB for clear audio. The 3 emergency buttons and 10-number memory store important numbers for quick dialing.... More »

Preset, Multi-location light dimmer switch, to use in combination with any Faedra dimmer in a 3-way application... More »

You are bidding on a NEW AMERIPHONE - 61563 RC Dialogue RC Air Switch Product Number: RC 61563 Product Code: Product Description:This item is new in the box and is guaranteed to work.Ameriphone's Air Switch (tm) allows you to place calls, answer calls or control any function of the phone by gently blowing on the air sensor Much more sanitary and comfortable than the traditional sip puff systems Plugs into console or remote control You can place a call by simply gently blowing on the air sensor.
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You are bidding on a NEW Ameriphone RC-200 RX Dialogue Remote Transmitter Product Number: RC-200 RX Product Code: Remote Transmitter Product Description:One touch remote calling/answering Up to 40 Foot Range Battery Included For use with Dialogue RC Speakerphone Accommodates External Assistive Control Devices such as Ameriphone Air Switch, Leaf, or Pillow Switch to suit your needs Standard for all auctions: Please note that passwords, power supplies, manuals, cords, etc. are only included if li
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This unit is unused in original packaging. All documentation is included with phone. This unit is unused - never put into service. This is not a brand new product from the manufacturer. It has been on the shelf for some time. Thanks. I want to offer full disclosure due to sensitive nature of the product. All batteries, if any, should be thoroughly checked.---Equipment is professionally packaged prior to shipping.----Phone ships within 3 days of payment (usually 1 to 2). Thank you for looking!--
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Motorola S1936C accessory for Motorola II Mobile Telephone
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Clarity Ameriphone RC Remote Transmitter This is a new Ameriphone RC Remote Transmitter for Dialogue RC phone systems.Includes battery and lanyard, along with velcro mounting tape.
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