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You can't call home with your Flutophone, but you can encourage your kids to explore the world of music. Safety first - BPA-free Details, details - Easy to play starter instrument - Features molded mo... More »

C'mon feel the noise. Girls rock the boys. Or boys rock the girls. Your choice.Accordion A nice introduction to music, our little accordion works and sounds like the real McCoy. It's specially designe... More »

This kit contains plenty of instruments for the whole family, making sharing easy relatively speaking, of course. Details, details - Includes triangle, tambourine, rhythm sticks, cymbals, clapper and ... More »

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All Hetman Musical Instruments Lubricants offer superior lubricating qualities, are longer-lasting than other lubricants, and are completely compatible with conventional petroleum-based lubricants, th... More »

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Multipurpose brass and woodwind lubricant for flat springs and tracks, pivot screws, wing/neck screws, joints, linkage, hinges, levers, valve stems and caps, and screw bells. Guards against wear and c... More »

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Allora Instrument Wipes make it easy to bring out the beauty of your Sterling silver, silver plate or brass instruments. Each wipe is treated on both sides and are reusable. These polishing cloths eff... More »

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Musical instrument bingo with CD, hard plastic case, Bingo cards, booklet, and chips for 30 players. Beginner and intermediate levels in one set.The CD includes beautiful recordings of 50 authentic in... More »

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A revolutionary product in the music industry! Convenient and effective, the Allora Deluxe Disposable Polishing Wipes are the best way to maintain the appearance of your prized instrument. Effectively... More »

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Enjoy the highest-quality Musical Bingo game on the market! The CD includes beautiful recordings of 50 authentic instruments (the sounds are not synthesized). The Bingo cards show actual 4-color photo... More »

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These bulletin board trimmers are the perfect touch in any music classroom. Choose from three different prints to add variety to your board.... More »

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Simply slide a song sheet under the strings and follow the music note dots to play. Never had one lesson. Details, details - Includes 12 music sheets, pick, and tuning tool - Harp case no longer avail... More »

Saturday morning sound effects any time. Show 'em what you're made of - Wood construction Age range - 3 and up... More »

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Start your own family band with this kid-sized drum kit. Drum kit includes fully tunable drums, drum pedal, adjustable cymbal, adjustable padded seat and drumsticks. Hardwood shells and chrome-plated ... More »

Our little red piano is the perfect choice for your budding young Mozart. The sound on the 18-key instrument is produced just like a regular piano with mini hammers striking precision-ground. Details,... More »


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