Grade A Back to School Sales

by Jodi

school bus

‘Tis the season for back to school shopping. This year, the savings have started earlier and are better than ever. If you’re just beginning to stock up, here are this week’s biggest price shockers.

Backpacks, bags and lunch boxes

Scooby Doo backpack in car seat

Your kids will need something to carry all their gear in. Here’s where you’ll find first-rate savings on backpacks, carry-alls, lunchboxes and more.

Clothing and shoes

High school cafe

What kid hasn’t outgrown their jeans or shoes from last year? The hottest buys on shoes, clothing and accessories can be found here.


computer lab

Many schools now require that kids are at least plugged-in to tech on a part-time basis. These sales can hook you up with fresh electronics at reasonable prices.

Paper, pens, pencils, crayons and other essentials

notebook and pencil

Did you find a super sale we didn’t mention? Tell us all about it below.


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