Best (and Worst) Things to Buy in March

by Jodi

Each month we make a point of going over the best and worst buys of the month. Thanks to consumer reporting groups, predicting the month’s best bargains has become, well, predictable. Here’s your roundup of the best and worst March purchases.

Best Buys


This time of year finds clearance-sized price tags on winter and spring merchandise.

Seasonal produce

Farmers have been toiling away in the soil while you shovel snow, and spring crops of various seasonal produce goods are now at their lowest prices of the year. Expect to save on artichokes, avocados, baking potatoes, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, lemons, limes, tangerines and spinach.

Frozen foods

This may seem an odd one but National Frozen Food Month is March, and that means prices on things like frozen fruits, meals, pies, pizzas and vegetables have come down. Watch for specials all during March, and be sure to double your savings by using a coupon while shopping.


Spring breakers take note: March is the best time of year to cash in on luggage savings. Everything from duffle bags to carry ons to full-size sets are priced to move now. A few exceptional deals include:

  • ★ Save up to half off on luggage at JCPenney

  • Macy’s is having a luggage closeout sale w/savings up to 60 percent off

  • eBags has knocked down prices by as much as 80 percent

Small electronics

Manufacturers announce new models of small electronics in late winter and early spring so you can snag a great deal on outgoing models right now. Be on the lookout for special pricing on smartphones, MP3 players, tablets and digital cameras. is the best places to see weekly specials in your area.


Now that 2015 models are hitting store shelves, businesses are busy clearing out 2014 and earlier sets. You’ll find low prices on all size sets this month.

Winter clothing and gear

Out with the old, in with the new. Winter clothing, sporting gear and accessories are being moved out this month for good. Savings are everywhere, but here are a few winners you definitely shouldn’t pass up:

  • ★ Winter jackets are 70 percent off at Sierra Trading Post

  • ★ Denim, coats, sweaters and accessories are marked down at H&M

  • ★ Coats, jackets, snowboards, skis and other gear is going fast at Backcountry

Golf clubs

One of the few summer sporting goods to go on sale first is golf clubs and accessories. Some of the better buys right now include:


From leftover Valentine’s Day candy to Irish-themed St. Patrick’s Day goodies to candy bars, all things chocolate are sale priced in March. Shop around for the best deals and don’t forget that coupons are available for your favorite treats.

Bad buys


March isn’t a great time of year for everything on your shopping list. Stay away from all the following if you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck.

  • Bicycles: These will come down in price next month

  • Rollerblades: Don’t expect big sales for a few months yet

  • Summer clothes: Wait at least a few weeks to restock your wardrobe

  • Patio sets: Bigger sales can be had in a few weeks

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